from my Oregon Coast sketchbook (and about this blog)

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If you’re just joining this blog-show:  I’m posting pages from my “Oregon Coast sketchbook”.  They’re drawings and notes about one of our road trips to the Oregon coast. We used to live in Oklahoma and, very happily, we no longer live there. But while we did we traveled to Washington and Oregon every chance we got.  Judy loved the Pacific Northwest and faster-than-the-speed-of-light Sue loved it too!   This sketchbook documents one of our many trips to our bit of Pacific Northwest heaven.  (And yes, just as soon as we could we moved there!)

This blog also includes random sketchbook pages from my currently running sketchbook.  Any perceived resemblance to a cookbook or a restaurant review is purely accidental.

Thanks for reading!  (Oh, and if you’ve just landed here from outer space – these blog posts are happening at