the artist and the doctor in the library

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titleThe Richard Brautigan Library published a story I illustrated – the story was told to me by Dr. Bob Hoke; a psychiatrist, a reader, a father, a grandfather and a baker of very good English Muffins. Over lunch one day he told me a story of a lesson he learned as a young Navy doctor on a submarine during a war – and as he talked I wrote and drew in my sketchbook (much as you see pages in this blog).  The lesson he’d learned turned out to be a good lesson for me too. Later I “neatened up my notes” and created “The Captain and The Doctor” which was put on display in the Brautigan Library!  You can download, for free,  the pdf file of the story here  – enjoy!

And yes, this is the same Dr. Hoke that I did the “Dr. Bob’s Emotional Repair Program; First Aid Kit” with – it’s an ebook available whereever ebooks are sold.

Pup Fiction (fine art about writing)

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Pup Fiction By Sue Clancy

When I was a kid I knew a beloved Basset Hound named Lucy.  Fiction writers are some of my favorite beings on this planet. Therefore all fiction writers must be Basset Hounds – correct?

Kidding aside, the Basset Hound is a slow-paced hunting dog. Writers (and readers) are slow-paced hunters of beneficial thoughts and ideas.

No matter how quickly information can be distributed or how fast new technology may work – it still takes time for a human to chase down a concept and evaluate its accuracy, intent and meaning – often with much correction and revision of thought along the way.  At least now and again we’re rewarded with “Ah ha!” moments – a side benefit of which is that some of them have floppy ears and are called Lucy.

(This painting is currently at Caplan Art Designs

free emotional first aid kits

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April 13, 14 and 15th I’m giving away free copies of my graphic novel ebook titled “Dr Bob’s Emotional Repair Program – First Aid Kit” as part of the Amazon KDP Select Kindle blah blah blah promo. Details about my book are here:  but what isn’t mentioned exactly is that I took notes, did drawings in my sketchbook while Dr. Bob Hoke (a psychiatrist by profession and a storyteller by nature) talked during our many lunch meetings over the years. The “First Aid Kit” was complied from those notes and sketches. If you’re following my blog (at you know I’ve been posting stuff from my sketchbooks… Anyway, please enjoy the free ebook that is a collection of some of my sketchbook data!  And yes, I do see the irony of giving away a book with a subtitle “Warning: keep this book to yourself”.