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Some artwork of mine is being published in the magazine Thought Notebook – published by Thought Collection Publishing – in the June issue 4 that will come out June 1st. You can find more information via these links:

You can get the magazine in either print or digital after June 1st:

And there are these links too – for any other artists and writers who want to submit their work in the future:

book excerpt in honor of Dr. Bob Hoke

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Here is a pdf file – DrBobFirstAidKitSampler – a sampler of a few graphic-novel pages from a book I illustrated titled “Dr. Bob’s Emotional Repair Program First Aid Kit” – in this book I collected the stories and ideas expressed by psychiatrist Dr. Bob Hoke who recently passed away. I was so lucky to have known him as a Dad, a mentor and a friend. I miss him very much and I’m so, honored, humbled, glad, and proud, that I did this book.


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When I exhibit my artwork (as I did recently at the Caplan Art Designs gallery I try to explain how my life inpires my artwork. Being more “visual” rather than verbal it’s easier for me to talk about this via pictures: as I go through life I draw and write in a sketchbook. Like the pages you see in this blog – or like this page here:

Then I use that sketchbook page as “inspiration” for some fine art piece like this one titled “Gullfriends”:

And I’ve recently done an ebook titled “Coffee, Table, Book” that (I hope) shows even more direct links between my sketchbook pages and the fine art I create. You can see info about the book here:

So you see, gullfriends, life is an art…

wine art and other wonders

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I’ve been busy getting ready for another art exhibit.  This one is at a winery! The opening party is the evening of June 5th during “First Friday” at Burnt Bridge Cellars in Vancouver Washington and Caplan Art Designs (my Portland Oregon area gallery) is facilitating things. I’m so excited! Did I mention that there will be really wonderful wine? There will be my artwork too – like this piece posted here. It is titled “Massive Mastiff Munching” and it’s a pretty, ahem, large sized piece. It’s a one-person show so there will be lots of my work of varying sizes and all with my warped sense of humor.  But did I tell you about the fantastically fabulous wines that will be available for tasting at the opening? Cheers dears!    MassiveMastiffMunching72

coffee, table, book

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I’ve been working on an ebook titled “Coffee, Table, Book”. This book directly relates to my upcoming exhibit at Caplan Art Designs (opening May 7th!) but it’s also about my artwork in general – and very much like the pages I’ve been posting here on this blog. Here’s what the cover looks like:


It’s an artist monograph about my humorous fine artwork; a visual story of how I take ordinary life and make it into fine art, showing the connection between my sketchbook drawings, collected thoughts and my whimsical artwork – all of which are inspired by coffee, food on tables and stuff written in printed books…and this is an ebook… (You know I like word-play right?)

While parts of this book may resemble a cookbook, a book of quotations, a book of humorous art, a book about art history or any other sort of slick glossy coffee table book – that resemblance is purely accidental – it is really a story-peek inside this artist’s mind and the whimsical fine art that comes from it.

In addition to the risk of sharing my sense of humor part of what’s risky is that this book is art-image heavy and not all eBook readers will handle the color images of my artwork and my sketchbook pages.  But my ebook will be available for all kinds of devices; iPads, Androids etc. so hopefully it’ll be fun to view an “art book” via such devices.

At any rate – here goes: The ISBN number is 9781483553566 – starting now and in the coming weeks this book will start being available at the iBookstore, Amazon and wherever ebooks are sold. Here’s a start:  Remember, you saw it here first!