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An art commission I did was delivered yesterday to it’s new happy home – along with a pdf file of how I created the artwork. The commission is titled “Preying for Peas”.  The client had asked for more information about how I work – so I did a blow-by-blow pdf file for them with the help of Judy who took the photos.  Well, the client, and the other people at the party yesterday found the pdf file interesting, and it seemed to add to the enjoyment of the actual artwork, so I thought to myself “Self, it might be good to post that on your website and blog.” So here it is: AboutPreyingForPeas (and on http://sueclancy.com/fine-art/)

And here below, if you haven’t clicked the above link, is an image of the commission discussed above:

Preying For Peas

Preying For Peas

This commission was coordinated by Caplan Art Designs www.caplanartdesigns.com

Essential Art Studio Equipment

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One of the best “how to be a professional artist” advice I ever got: Learn to cook! 2nd best advice: Get a rice cooker – slow cooker combo that has a timer and a “keep warm” setting. (This way dinner cooks while I work – and when dinner is done if I’m still working my food stays warm until I’m ready for it.)  Here’s a pic of my essential art studio equipment.

Sue Clancy's beloved Rice Cooker-Slow Cooker

Sue Clancy’s beloved Rice Cooker-Slow Cooker

More handmade books for Art O Mat

handmade books

Since I make handmade papers that I cut up into shapes and use to make my fine art collages it means I’ve got lots of very-special paper scraps about.  I don’t want to just throw them away – so I make book covers out of the “special scrap bits” and Judy sews them into little books.  Then, under the banner “This Artist Studio” we ship batches of books to Art-O-Mat in North Carolina.  The folks at Art-O-Mat put our books in old cigarette vending machines in various locations, people walk up, put in their change/tokens, pull a lever and ker-plunk! Out pops a one-of-a-kind hand sewn book (or etc.).  Well, today we got a note from the head honcho’s at Art-O-Mat saying that their vendors have been specifically requesting our little books…. We’re going to have to really get busy and make scads more!!! Wahoo!!!

hand sewn books with handmade paper covers being put into a box for "vending" via ArtoMat.

hand sewn books with handmade paper covers being put into a box for “vending” via ArtoMat.

food music

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Here’s a piece I finished recently titled “Tune and Sandwich”.  I’ve been thinking recently of how often music and food go together for me. “Tune and Sandwich” will probably be in an upcoming October wine-dinner-art exhibit called “Cooks and Corks” – more on that under the events tab at Caplan Art Designs.