party at Joe’s gallery

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A Holiday party opens Dec 3rd from 6 to 8 pm at Joesph Gierek Fine Art and I’ve got some new artwork there. (See photo’s in this post and on Joe’s website)

Joseph Gierek Fine Art is a pro at shipping art anywhere – so if you see something you like, just contact Joe! Enjoy!

Coloring Outside the Lines

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Fun interview of me over on ! And, yes, behind that link lurk photos and the deep scarlet secrets of Sue Clancy…

artist book gallery sweep

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OMG! I just found out that every artist book I had in the 23 Sandy Gallery has been sold! A sweep! I’m going to have to get busy make more one-of-a-kind artist books! Wahoo!! Anyone know where I can sign up for 72 hour days?  The 24 hour kind are just not long enough.

long story short

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Had the pleasure of going to Powell’s bookstore to hear Margot Leitman talk about her new book “Long Story Short”! Oh-man-oh-man I love living 10 minutes away from Powell’s and getting to go hear authors speak!  I drew Margot in my sketchbook as she talked.  The quotes are what I think I heard her say as she said it so any mistakes are mine all mine. And she was more fun that the quotes imply.  Margot Leitman was witty and encouraging to all of us wanna-be story-teller writer creative types! I got a copy of her book (signed too!) and have already read most of it! Good stuff! And it’s got illustrations! Here’s her website

Alphabeasts advancing

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Been working on my “Alphabeast” series.  These cut paper mixed media artworks each feature one letter of the alphabet. Hopefully someday they’ll become a picture-puzzle-book… in the meantime they’re fine art pieces currently at Caplan Art Designs. Perhaps one will be placed in a child’s room – a child with a name that begins with the featured letter. Or perhaps a pediatricians office will get a few of them for their exam rooms… or a hospital will get a few for their halls…. Hey, an artist can dream right?

Here are a few of the pieces from my “Alphabeast series”.  Each one contains 15 to 20 items that start with the featured letter.  My titles give you a clue…

Anteater Artist Abstracting Ants

Anteater Artist Abstracting Ants

Bookish Bear Bathing

Bookish Bear Bathing

Capped Cat Counting Collectables

Capped Cat Counting Collectables

Dapper Dog Dining

Dapper Dog Dining

And yes, this series is going to take me quite a while to finish. Each one is lots and lots of cut pieces of handmade paper…designing them is such fun!

By the way, if you are able to go see the original artworks at the gallery ( there are some “bonus” items on the edges of the artwork that aren’t pictured here.

art accepted happy dance

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I’m not “back” on social media yet. Still busy with deadlines and such. I just popped onto email as I was expecting to hear about an art exhibit opportunity result. I’m excited now and wanted to share with you…and the result is: 2 of my artworks have been accepted for exhibit in Boston Mass! Can’t tell more details, confidentiality agreements and all. Now I have yet another deadline to return 15 pages worth of paperwork not to mention packing up the artwork!!!  But first I’m going to take a short break and do my happy dance…



taking off

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I’ve got a lot on my plate these days; fine art deadlines, illustration deadlines, some writing deadlines.  In the photo above I’m at work dyeing paper for one of my in-progress collages … yep, one that has a deadline attached.  I’d say I’m dye-ing along dead-lines but Halloween is over and I don’t want to scare you any more than necessary.

But if you’re worried; yes, I’m still sleeping and eating.  Good sleep and good home-cooked food feeds the creative life, soul and tummy. So I gotta keep doing that – especially during a busy time! In fact – here’s something I’ll be putting on my plate and eating later today after a whole lot of work gets done:


What I keep running out of time to do is to update all of my social media bwahaha. So I’m accepting my super-busy reality and going to take some time off from social media. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.  I’ll catch up with you later.  Cheers dears!


Quoth the Raven

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My artwork is published on 3 different pages of the current issue of Raven Chronicles Vol. 21 – What a fun project! Lots of good writers, poets and artists in this issue!

More info here:

or via Twitter here: