About my art exhibit opening but mostly about books

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My exhibit Figures Of Speech went very well! Lots of people came! So many came that I hid in the kitchen watching the winery chef do her magic! Of course I talked to lots of people and gave art tours so when I say “I hid in the kitchen” that was where I chose to sit, whenever I sat, with my wife, our Fairy Goddaughter and one of our Fairy Goddaughter’s friends who we’ve now adopted. Come to one of my exhibits, stay that long and presto you’re family now!! 🀣

Anyhoo, the chef made a watermelon spinach salad that was incredibly yummy! And yes, I brought a sketchbook and pens with me…

The chef surprised and delighted me with some strawberries (one of my favorites) and some chocolate!!

The chef made apple pork burgers with a brie sauce that I started eating before remembering to take a photo.

There was very good live music too… this was what the winery said about the food and music! πŸ‘‡

I wrote more generally about how my exhibit went on my Substack newsletter and included an ebook of my entire exhibit here πŸ‘‡ https://sueclancy.substack.com/p/figures-of-speech-ebook

I was particularly excited that a poet based in the UK wrote poetry inspired by my doodlebug artwork for my exhibit: https://ivyroseopal.substack.com/p/prompt-4-doodlebugs

After my exhibit was over I spent the weekend resting and catching up on blogs like this one by Liz Gauffreau where she reviewed a book by Steven Baird. https://lizgauffreau.com/2023/05/31/bookreview-asunder-baby-by-steven-baird/

I also read my friend Bernadette’s blog… and Audrey’s blog… and Laura’s blog…and Sherri’s blog…as well as several other blogs… it was so good to catch up with friends!!

I spent the rest of the weekend binge reading printed books! It looked like this…

…the studio supervisor dachshund alternated between sunny spots from which to survey his kingdom and his cushy L.L. Bean patio bed throne beside our chairs.

I’m still reading this nonfiction book even after the weekend…

…but I blasted through the following titles and I highly recommend all of them!

This one was a very good ebook I got from the library. πŸ‘‡

Yes, I’m like this about reading! πŸ‘‡

I hope your weekend was equally pleasant!!

See you next Monday!

9 thoughts on “About my art exhibit opening but mostly about books

    1. Thank you!!! The food was incredible!! And thank you for your kund words about our backyard- it is definitely a happy place for reading and such!! I hope your weekend was similarly pleasant!

  1. Congratulations on another successful exhibition opening! It sounds like a thoroughly lovely evening and I love that you know how to cope with such events by mingling and recharging. As an introvert whose social batteries get depleted super quickly, I appreciate a good strategy when I see one. Also, you definitely would be a champion in the reading Olympics. I think you are probably the most voracious reader I know.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m delighted you can borrow from my experiential notes on how to be an introvert in an extroverted situation and not freak out! πŸ˜‰
      My adopted Dad was even more of a reader than I am…I am still borrowing from his reading methods…so I appreciate your comment threefold!!! Thank you!!

    1. You’re welcome!!! About the book Being Human I’m particularly appreciating the examination of early language development and how language was to help us communicate with each other more exactly and more helpfully about the sensory real world. Storytelling was similarly to help us learn and understand what it was like to do something or be in the real world – story as a teaching aid – even when the story contained imaginary beings. Language, cognition and group formation generally was to help us deal well or deal better with the sensory world and lived experience. Anyhoo this book is making me think even more so that when in our modern day the language used and the stories told are decoupled or disconnected from the sensory world, from fact-based evidence based lived experiences then we have problems. So you could say this book is helping me fine-tune my bullshit detector.
      This book is also relating in my mind with other things I’ve read about food history and cooking history/development… the closer the food is to its origins (i.e. less corporate mass processing) the more flavorful and even healthy it is likely to be…

  2. I’d say you’ve recovered from the excitement of opening night very nicely! Thank you for the shoutout for my review of Asunder, baby. Much appreciated!

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