Bookish holiday traditions

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Having recently finished, framed and delivered the last of my fine art commissions that are intended as holiday gifts (so no spoiler pics exist of my recent artwork) my thoughts turn towards my own holiday.

I’ve made no secret, on this blog, of the fact that I like books. So even tho I am not living in Iceland, and have never visited, I adore their tradition of Jolabokaflod and my spouse and I observe our variation of it! Here’s how it goes: Within the weeks before Dec 24 we visit locally owned independent bookstores and buy books. Dec 24th we cook, share food, drinks and books! Dec 25th is spent reading and reheating leftovers. This is our current holiday book stack:

Stack of books for our family Jolabokaflod

Books are also created by me – hand drawn, illustrated, indie published etc. – and given as gifts. Because you follow me here’s a link, with free previews, to the book my spouse and I jointly made for our Jolabokaflod gifting this year. I’ll post more about this kitchen sketchbook in the future but for now the link will be my early holiday present to you!! Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Say no more.

6 thoughts on “Bookish holiday traditions

    1. Thank you Audrey!! It’s nice to share a love of books and good food with you!!! And you made me smile to know you’d looked at my newest artist book!! Thanks for that!! Have a good holiday!!

    1. Thank you Becky!! Have you read these? I’ve read Pride and Prejudice fairly recently…the new copy replaces my old falling-apart one. I’ve read Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery but not her other stories…. lots here that’s new to me so I’m excited about the holiday! Are you getting books for your holiday?

        1. What fun!! Hope you enjoy your Christmas book!! I’m glad to hear you’ve enjoyed Jackson’s stories! I will look forward to them even more!

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