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Books as art. Art as books. Fine art as illustration. Illustration as fine art. Writing as art….  And along such blurred lines here is a wonderful post

Here’s a photo of one of my own efforts along similarly blurred lines:


4 thoughts on “books as art

  1. Thanks so much for reposting my blog. I LOVE your rabbit book. I’m always delighted by your work. I’m glad to see you’ve ventured into books. They’re magical.

    1. Thanks Joy, for your kind words! I’ve actually been doing books for almost 20 years now, off and on, like a reoccurring habit I just can’t shake! Lol! You can see one of my book-arts pieces at the 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland – More recently I’ve been experimenting with Print On Demand and eBooks and working with Independent Small Press Publishers (see my “books” tab on my website)… I want to do more “magical” sequential artworks – including books! Thank you again for your blog post! It’s wonderful to share the art + book interest with you! I enjoy and value the list on your site of local small presses. Would you mind if I listed your site in my “links list” (see the + sign at the bottom of my website)?

      1. I love the 23 Sandy Gallery. Your ebooks look wonderful, too. Glad to hear you’re doing books. It’s such a wonderful form. Books are touchable and interactive. Even ebooks, but I love paper. I’d be happy to be on your links list. I’m rebuilding my blog after moving from blogger, and will have a links list soon, so I’ll link you, too. I’ll be building up the small press list, too. Blogging is an act of love, so sometimes it’s a slow process. You might enjoy my post on the unique pop-up book Welcome to the Bhil Carnival from Tara books in India:

        1. I’ve added your blog to my list! I hear you about building a site being a slow process. Things take time here too. Thank you in advance for building up your small press list! I’ll be watching for it as I hope to “play” aka “work with” with some local small presses someday soon! I’ll look forward to checking out your new post about the pop-up book!

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