coffee accepted

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Just found out that my artist book “Coffee Please?” was accepted for the upcoming Wanderlust exhibit at the 23 Sandy Gallery!!  I’m excited! More info about, and pictures of, “Coffee Please?” here:  Going to go do my happy dance now!!

side A of "Coffee Please?" by Sue Clancy - a unique handmade artist book

side A of “Coffee Please?” by Sue Clancy – a unique handmade artist book

9 thoughts on “coffee accepted

    1. Thanks Lorna for the congrats! And I’m delighted to hear that you’re exploring the fabric book concept! Yes, we’ll have to chat further! Have you had time to look at the 23 Sandy Gallery website – or any of the others I’ve shared with you yet? All the best to you!

        1. Thanks Lorna! Yes, the sales were a nice surprise! I love the “gotta make more” rush! Glad you saw the gallery – hopefully you got some inspiration for your own creations!

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