dogs in art but what about cats

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My book “Dogs by Sue Clancy” has now been available since Feb 17 2017 – and I’ve been getting a lot of very nice feedback! Including people asking me to do a portrait of their special dog! What fun! You can get info about my book “Dogs by Sue Clancy” on Amazon or via this link:

In addition to questions about dogs I’ve been asked is “Are you going to do a book of cats?”  The short answer is yes! It may be a year or more before I actually get it done because I’m very busy right now working on a number of dog portrait commissions and upcoming art exhibits that are already scheduled through 2018 – but I’m working towards a series of cat portraits already.  Here are a couple of recent ones:

4 thoughts on “dogs in art but what about cats

    1. Lol! I think cats own us Laura! I’ll keep posting cat-portraits as they happen over this next year! Thanks in advance for watching the project unfold!

    1. It is! I was inspired when I saw someone working on a laptop in a café – they had a wireless mouse they used sometimes and put in their shirt pocket other times. Seemed a thing a cat would do! Lol!

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