drawing on grandmas pillow

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As a kid I remember drawing on almost anything I could. In self defense my Grandmother kept a stack of paper, pencils and a few crayons in her kitchen and encouraged me to stick to those surfaces. Oh, and there was a small blackboard with some color chalk.

I loved those materials but now and then I strayed; I drew in chalk on the wall, the porch and the sidewalk, I drew with sticks in the mud, I drew on paper napkins, I drew with berries in the kitchen sink, I drew with a blue crayon on a pillow case.

I think the blue crayon on the white pillow case upset Grandma the most.

So let’s just say that after the “pillow case incident” I got the message about staying on paper or chalkboards.


Until now.

Recently (as an adult professional artist I might add) I’ve had the opportunity to do some pattern designs for pillows! White luscious pillows covered with my art! Childhood dreams do come true! Or perhaps people now-a-days are simple more okay with me drawing on the pillows?  http://www.shopvida.com/collections/sue-clancy

You can see a video of me making the blue star pattern on YouTube: https://youtu.be/cAx88mwARqo

2 thoughts on “drawing on grandmas pillow

  1. Great story. I like that you can incorporate childhood naughtiness into your professional career. My now 7 year old drew on his pillow a year or so ago and claimed it was an accident, that he had dropped the pen. Except that the ink mark was a face with features and a body with limbs. It faded a bit but never came out in the wash. We call the pillow art work “Accidental Mark”.

    1. Thank you! Glad you liked the story! Glad also to hear that I’m not the only kid who drew on a pillow! What a great title you gave your 7 year olds pillow art! “Accidental Mark” Lol! Was ‘mark’ the name of the figure that accidentally appeared? 😉 I’ll bet your 7 year old has a great artistic future ahead!! My pillow art on grandma’s pillow case didn’t come out either – and I remember having to try to scrub it out by hand, with grandma “showing me how”. Lol!

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