Friday fun in progress

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I’m working on my short narrative practice again; aka writing a quickie poem/story plus creating an illustration for it. I’m thinking of fudge, fudge competitions, and the process of asking people to judge something so subjective as what something tastes like… and what could happen.

Anyway, here’s what my desk looks like right now… more progress to come later, after lunch. All this thinking about fudge and I’ve realized that I’m hungry. Back in a bit…


Sue Clancy’s work-in-progress; writing a short narrative poem and creating an illustration for it.


3 thoughts on “Friday fun in progress

    1. I’ve a fudge yearning too! Fortunately my spouse made brownies today… it’s not fudge, but I think it’ll do! Lol! And thanks for your comment about the motion in my illustration – getting the motion right was part of my challenge to myself today! 😉

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