from the coffee table book

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I’ve been working towards an upcoming fine art exhibit at Caplan Art Designs; writing an exhibit statement, compiling an inventory list, writing promo materials.  You’d be amazed at how much writing there is in this “visual” art field.  I also have to write a speech to give during the opening reception.  One of the things I plan to talk about is how I take notes, do drawings in my sketchbook and then how those thoughts are transformed into my fine art. It seemed easier to post somewhere (besides randomly on this blog or on Twitter) some of my actual sketchbook pages so people could see for themselves what I’m talking about.  So I made an eBook that collects my sketchbook pages – particularly pages that relate to artwork that will be in the exhibit. It is titled “Coffee Table Book” ( – and this book is best viewed on a smart phone or tablet with the portrait orientation lock on.

Here are a few pages from Coffee Table Book: