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As readers of my blog know I’m working on a pop-up book titled “A Fish Story”.  Eventually (when the book is finished) I’ll submit it to the 23 Sandy Gallery – the gallery owner has asked for videos of our pop-up books because of the active movable parts – a juror needs to see it in…action.  So I thought I’d better practice the whole “do a video of an artist book thing”. Here is a link to a youtube video of one my artist books titled “Coffee Beans Plus H2o” – used as a practice baby-step. Fair warning: there will be more practice “video-a-book” attempts in the future. Deep breath…here goes…

5 thoughts on “inner youtube-ing

    1. Oh yes… music…. Well, I’m deaf, so adding perky music would be an extra challenging challenge. I’ve been toying with leaving the sound off and letting people be “me” for the duration of a video. Think that’s asking too much?

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