mixing the mundane and magical

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I’ve been reading “Whiskey Galore” by Compton Mackenzie. Once again I realize that I enjoy the mix of real-life and a whimsical imaginative look at real-life. Mackenzie used a real-life event as the inspiration for his whimsy and did the mix extremely well.

Already I’ve been doing some of this mixing in my work – but I want to do even more of that mundane/imagination mixing in my various art projects. Here’s what I did most recently: it’s 8 x 18 inches, ink and gouache on board – I’ve titled it “The Soup Book: Starting With Ingredients”


“The Soup Book: Starting With Ingredients” by Clancy

It mixes the real-life (mundane) action of consulting a cookbook recipe, perhaps for chicken soup, with a (magical) chicken rescue. “The Soup Book: Starting With Ingredients” will be one of several new works for an upcoming one-person art exhibit in September at Caplan Art Designs in Portland Oregon. I’ll post the new artworks here as I get them done.

But back to the artwork itself: I enjoyed doing a panoramic visual story that continues what I began doing for my “Dear Readers” exhibit currently on display at Burnt Bridge Cellars. The new wider format let me put in more details, more “story-ness”.

“The Soup Book…..” was such fun to create that I plan to do more in this format! And of course do more general mixing of metaphors, more blurring the lines between the mundane and the magical in all of my work. We’ll see how it all goes of course.

Generally I’ve been thinking of how important it is, for living well (and good mental health), to be able to view mundane life with a “glass half full” attitude, to be able to see what is good/delightful, and to use curiosity and imagination (and good books) to stimulate ones own inner life. Which is why I aspire to do an even better artistic job of mixing the mundane and the magical.

BTW: “Whiskey Galore” has been made into a movie – and a very well done movie too! The book version has a bit more story to it – but the movie is wonderful and it’s not always that both the book and movie are equals in quality.

Now for a wee dram….. Slàinte mhath!



8 thoughts on “mixing the mundane and magical

  1. Oh please let it not be chicken soup that is being made while those jolly chickens are trampolining in the corner. I am hoping for something vegetarian. It’s a great illustration. I love all the fun details but I also really like that panoramic composition and the repetition of rectangle shapes throughout.

    ‘Whisky Galore’ was one of my Granddad’s favourite films – he introduced me to all the Ealing movies, many of which remain my favourites to this day. Despite living on the west coast of Scotland for over a decade, we never did make it to Eriskay.

    1. I think it’s definitely a veggie soup being made… the chicken is getting away. Lol! 🙂 Thank you for noticing the rectangle shape repetitions! Glad too that you liked the new panoramic composition. I’m having fun with it. Lucky that you had a Granddad who shared such a wonderful gem with you!! Isn’t it nice to have a selection of favorite movies and books? I hope to visit Scotland someday… sigh. Glad you got to live on the west coast a while! Do you have a favorite place there?

      1. When we lived in Lochgilphead, we loved taking day trips to the islands. Gigha was a favourite with the kids. We also loved walking among the standing stones and burial cysts in Kilmartin Glen. When it comes to Scotland more generally, I will always be very fond of Edinburgh. It’s where I went to university, met and married my husband, and started my teaching career. It’s a fabulous city if you love history too as there are so many layers of it there.

        1. Wow!!! What a delight your reply is! Edinburgh is one of my “bucket-list” cities to visit. I first encountered the romantic idea of Edinburgh via Alexander McCall Smith’s Isabel Dalhousie series of mysteries -https://www.alexandermccallsmith.com/series/sunday-philosophy-club-series

          1. I have not read that series but did read the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series. A friend got me into them because her sister and McCall Smith’s sister were at school together. When you get closer to your travels to Scotland, feel free to pick my brain in more detail.

            1. Wow! That’s amazing that you know a connection to McCall Smith! And thanks in advance for letting me pick your brain re travel to Scotland! 😉

            2. It’s just one of those “six degrees of separation” things. I bet we all have connections to a whole load of people but we just aren’t aware of all the links.

            3. Indeed! The world is a very small place in “large place” disguise. Things are interconnected we just don’t see it always.

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