9 thoughts on “Moles, butterfly, ladybug colors, berries and coffee mugs

    1. Lol!!!! I hope your son-in-law is a dermatologist…🤣🤣… and that he’ll enjoy the mug when he gets it!!!!
      Thank you so very much for your wonderful comment!!!! 🥰

    1. I love the creativity from interactions too!! Congratulations on making the quarter finals!!! I’ve been voting for you regularly and will continue! Thank you for your support too! We’re creating this world together!!

  1. I am glad those pesky moles turned out to be innocent. I love the fact that you can find inspiration even in a visit to the dermatologist. Fingers crossed the two moles still under surveillance prove to be innocent too.

    1. Me too!! Glad the 3 were innocent and hoping the other two are. This week was difficult and making art about the dermatologist visits really helped. So has geeking on on art books…and reading science fiction (Becky Chambers) and watching mystery movies 🤣🤣

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