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Getting a few questions about my new artist book “Dogs by Sue Clancy” – – one of the questions: “Where do you get your ideas, that ‘something pleasant’ you speak of?”

While I’m living my ordinary life I make notes and drawings in my sketchbook of everything pleasant that I experience.  Then when I’m starting a fine art piece, as I said on the book jacket, I “think of something pleasant”.  What I didn’t spell out in my book “Dogs…” is that I sometimes flip thru my sketchbooks as a creative prompt for that something pleasant.

For example just prior to making this piece pictured below I’d flipped through my sketchbook and come across a sketchbook page which sparked the pleasant memories of a house concert I’d gone to and made sketches during…


Fuzzy by Clancy (ink on handmade paper) – and yes, this dog is in the book “Dogs by Sue Clancy”


Here’s the sketchbook page I did at the concert. See Coty Hogue’s website for some samples of the music that inspired me…


I’ve been learning that I enjoy and am inspired by the small intimate concerts that I’m lucky enough to attend here in the PNW.  A small venue makes hearing the performance much better for me and, since I’m having a good time, I do a lot of “music” drawings while at a performance.  Several of the art pieces in my new book are music inspired. Heck, much of my fine art is musically oriented…

Anyway, I’m hoping that when people look at “Dogs by Sue Clancy” that they’ll have a pleasant feeling even if they don’t know the specific details, like I’ve just shared with you, about my thoughts behind each piece.

As alluded in my post titled “Just Looking and artist details” – In everything I do I try to give enough information without being “too much”.  It’s a challenge. Which is why I like questions from people about my artwork. It gives me a clue what you’d like to know more about.  Keep the questions coming! And thanks for them!

BTW – my book is now rolling out now on and becoming available via most bookstores. How fun is that?!

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  1. It must be so exciting to see your book on the shelves of a store. I think I would just stare at it and squeal with delight. Is there a way to obtain a signed copy of your book?

    1. It is exciting!! And yes, I’ve stared! Lol! 😉 And yes, there is a way to get a signed copy…. do you have facebook or twitter or some way we can discuss such details privately? Thanks for asking!

      1. You can contact me via my blog email account which is papict [at] outlook [dot] com. I asked because my dear friend has just published a book too (he’s a publisher but this is the first he’s authored) and he’s doing signed copies.

        1. Cool! Thanks Laura! Congrats to your friend! I’d be interested in hearing more about your friends book. Yes, I intend to have signed copies available too – details are being worked out re: having them for the gen public after the formal release date of Feb 17. But since you’re a friend I figured we could chat privately re if you wanted 😉

  2. The soulful look in those eyes is mesmerizing, Sue. You wow me! I remember you talking about that private concert. This is a great way to make your fond memories live on and to share them with others. 🙂 <3

    Congratulations on the book!

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