Of dogs, doodlebugs and damn good books

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This week we took care of 2 dogs belonging to our extended family thus bringing our inhouse pet count up to 2 dachshunds 1 chihuahua Jack Russell mix and 1 cat. Everyone got along peacefully at “Camp Rusty” playing and sleeping together.

Well, the cat did his own thing but wasn’t upset by the extra dogs. In fact I think the cat enjoyed watching them from a window. And one of the dogs enjoyed watching the cat watch the dogs. It was all very meta as they used to say in literature class.

Given all the doggy focus this week I read doggy related poems.

Here’s one I particularly enjoyed.

I got extra canine support this week when I shared my sketchbook on my email newsletter.

My fine art projects for upcoming exhibitions were adjusted so I could more easily work in short bursts around what the dogs needed. As you can see in this video all I have to do is put the cap back on my fountain pen.

Here’s the finished painting. I’ve titled it “Genus: Doodlebug Species: Yellow Short Line Beetle”

“Genus: Doodlebug Species: Yellow Short Line Beetle” by Clancy – 7 x 5 inches- ink and gouache on board

All that time I spent in the biological zoological illustration trenches came in handy when drawing the beetle! 🤣

We sat outside on our patio a lot so the dogs could play in the yard during a rare week of Pacific Northwest sunshine. Besides my portable lap sized art projects mentioned above I read books! Besides the book of dog poems here’s two of the titles I’m reading alongside a cold beer and a pitcher of water.

I’m continually amazed at how similar visual pattern construction is to writing poetry – including the rhythm design scheme “a b a b” and so forth. I’m also still enthralled by how fine art exhibit plotting is so similar to story construction.

And I’m sure you noticed that all 3 of the above books fit into my ongoing Ray Bradbury Reading Program in which I’m reading one poem, one short story and one essay per day. This reading program is easy to adjust around doggy needs too.

The novel I’m reading before bed is one I’ve read before and is a favorite! I picked it because this week had enough challenges without adding a challenging new novel to the mix. So I picked a novel for the spirit lift (pun fully intended) in it.

In the above novel there is a party in which several people take turns singing a “port a beul”. So I looked online for examples to listen to while I read. This was a favorite! 👇

Saturday was Independent Bookstore Day so I did this drawing in honor of my local independent bookstores which have provided so many damn good books for me to read!!

Did you notice that my cat book buyer drawing is in a 4-beat “a, b, a, b” form?

Anyhoo, I hope your week is filled with many good things too.

See you next Monday.

7 thoughts on “Of dogs, doodlebugs and damn good books

  1. Being in charge of Doggy Daycare does not seem to have hampered your creative time at all. You really are the master of getting things done in whatever short bursts you can find.

    The poem you highlighted in the Doggerel book reminds me of a children’s book that has been popular for at least two generations in my family. Do you know the book ‘Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy’ by Lynley Dodd?

    As you know, this latest Doodlebug drawing is my favourite in the series (so far at least!) and I also love the reading cat.

    1. I don’t know “Hairy Maclary…”!! I will be looking it up now!!! Thank you so much for the recommendation!!!
      I’m glad you’re enjoying my doodlebug series … more to come!!
      And thank you for your kind words about my working process of short bursts! Gotta admit I am beginning to crave a span of uninterrupted time to create… but making do till then!!! 😁 Thank you again for your friendship across the miles! Looking up Hairy Maclary now…

      1. If you track down a copy and read it, you’ll need to let me know what you think. I can probably still recite it given the number of times I read it to my kids.

        1. I will happily let you know!!! That’s a sign of a good book if it’s been requested and read so many times that it can be recited!! Thanks again!!

  2. I love the yellow beetle short line doodle bug! It may be my favorite yet.
    I also love the contented looks on the cat’s faces in the bookstore tribute piece. The one that’s hugging its prized choice to purchase captures that feeling to a T. Such fun! Have a great week, Sue!! (Oh my, it’s already Thursday!) Have a great rest of the week! 😀

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