On being home and enjoying books

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My family’s in self quarantine #stayhome and we’ve been talking (via phone/digital means) with friends who are doing the same. [If you are too – THANK YOU!]

Some of our friends say they’re viewing this quarantine time as a chance to read more books. That reminds me of how revolutionary it was for me to realize that if I started a book I did not have to finish it and that I could choose only fun books to read.

I think I realized this blinding flash of the obvious after graduating college…and no longer had to read for a grade.

Anyway, here’s some of my sketchbook pages with musings on reading fun books (both print and ebooks).

And here’s a link to over 3000 ebooks that are free to download. Surely there’s something fun to read in this lot!! 😁

Here, for any extra amusement in it, is a link to a YouTube video of me doing one of the drawings above: https://youtu.be/UJ_3ptI077s

6 thoughts on “On being home and enjoying books

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with both pieces of advice. Because I went all the way through school, into two university degrees, and then into teaching High School English Literature, it took me well into adulthood to experience that epiphany. I remember the first time I returned a book I had not finished to the library and the way it felt like an act of rebellion. Life is too short for mediocre books. I mean, I don’t always read high brow literature or books with challenging content, but I have to be absorbed and engaged in the book. If it feels like a chore then farewell to that book.

    We too are all housebound. I have ventured out twice (I am the designated family member for errands) so far but otherwise we have all been hermits. Of course, I am having to homeschool my sons and attend to things like coming up with creative meals conjured out of whatever random ingredients I was able to forage but I definitely have more free time so I guess that is my personal silver lining in this particular crisis.

    1. So glad to hear I am not the only one who has had this epiphany- I, too, felt rebellious the first time I stopped reading a dull book!! Similarly I read anything fun: highbrow, lowbrow, cockeyed brow … if it’s fun and interesting I’m on it!! If not. .. away it goes!

      I feel for you, home schooling, but if anyone can do it and make it fun and interesting it’s you! What could I post here that may help you? I’ve been collecting links of virtual reality tours of museums and such. I’ve also been trying, as you know, to do videos of art techniques…. if I can post something helpful to you please tell me. Hang in there, stay safe!

      1. Thank you. I actually think I have the opposite problem right now of being overwhelmed by all the possibilities. I have decided to narrow them to one subject area per day so I can focus a bit instead of juggling everyone’s varying needs. I am also being a bit loose right now with letting them choose their own activities. If this goes on longer than two weeks – which I suspect it will – I will need to tighten things up.

        1. Gotcha!! Just give a shout if you do need something from me. 😊 All the very best to you!

            1. I doubt you’ll run out of ideas…and I’m quite sure you’re capable. I’m just offering in case you want a semi break. Solidarity amongst friends and all.

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