paint to learn a pomegranate salad

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At a friends house recently we were served a spinach and pomegranate salad. It was yummy and something like this recipe here.  As I ate I realized I’d never looked properly at a pomegranate.  I also realized I didn’t know cut one open. So later, back at my studio, I found an instruction video here – then I got some pomegranates and began looking and painting.  This is what I did:


“Oh Seeds!” – by Clancy – 5 x 7 inches – gouache and acrylic on board, framed.


“Shared Seeds” – by Clancy – 7 x 5 inches – gouache and acrylic on board, framed.

After the paintings were done (and the pomegranates added to my salad) I submitted the artwork for consideration to the gallery. They were accepted so I framed them and delivered them along with 10 other small pieces for a “Small Works Holiday Group Exhibit” at Caplan Art Designs the months of November and December.

All in all not a bad way to learn how to make a salad!


2 thoughts on “paint to learn a pomegranate salad

  1. Gorgeous painting. You’ve captured that jewel quality of the seeds. I actually had a slight addiction to pomegranates when I was in my mid teens. Then, one day, I discovered an insect nest in the centre of a pomegranate I was busily eating as I walked. It took almost two decades before I could cope with the idea of eating pomegranate again. Adding the seeds to salads and desserts is how I use them now – I can still never just bite into one like I used to.

    1. Thank you! The jewel-like quality was what I’d noticed in the salad – and what I wanted to capture in my artwork. Glad to hear I got it! And re: the bugs in a pomegranate… goodness. That’d change my pomegranate eating habits too. Thanks for sharing that – as I’ll not bite into one but will keep using them for salads, and probably try a dessert!

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