party at Joe’s gallery

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A Holiday party opens Dec 3rd from 6 to 8 pm at Joesph Gierek Fine Art and I’ve got some new artwork there. (See photo’s in this post and on Joe’s website)

Joseph Gierek Fine Art is a pro at shipping art anywhere – so if you see something you like, just contact Joe! Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “party at Joe’s gallery

    1. Lol! No, this wasn’t the monster deadline… this was more a relaxing-by-the-pool-sipping-lemonade-get-together-with-a-dear-friend event. The monster deadline is still with me – and will be until after Christmas. If I can get the monster house trained I may post a photo or two here… we’ll see if the monster can develop manners or not first. 😉 Good guess on my monster’s identity tho!

        1. Hummm may have to try that! 😉 Right now I’ve been trying the non-click method (I’ve largely been offline) and that’s been helping get my deadline manageable. I do miss you tho…. 😉

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