Patch La Belle part 5

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My book Patch La Belle has been officially released on Storyberries! You can see it for free here:

The printed book version is slightly different (more on that in a sec) and it’s available here:

Here’s a look at the digital files for the front and back covers:

Front cover of Patch La Belle by Clancy
Back cover of Patch La Belle by Clancy

Photography of the pages was a challenge because I wanted to keep the warm creamy tones of the paper on which I wrote and illustrated the poems. I wanted this book to have a nostalgic handmade feel. By and large I’m pleased with how it turned out.

For the ebook version of Patch La Belle on I was able to have each page of the ebook be 100 percent my hand made pages. Because it’s not a printed book blank pages aren’t needed.

In the printed books I had to have blank pages in strategic places in order for the covers to attach properly. So I used the blank pages as a chance to visually foreshadow what was to come in the book. For example the little illustration on the blank page attached to the cover visually relates to the dedication page:

And the candy on the book info page (above left) visually relates to the page just before the about-the-author info.

There’s also a visual relationship between the characters on the cover of Patch La Belle and two of the poems inside the book. The paintings of books on the list of “other books by Clancy” also echoes one of the poems.

Yes, I tried to rhyme in my artwork as well as in the words of the poems!

I strongly believe that children (all people really) need exposure to all kinds of images including complex images just as they need exposure to all kinds of food including complex foods.

Homemade cookies are often more robust and complex in flavor, more, more full of love, than a box of store-bought cookies.

I like to think of my artwork, my books, as the visual equivalent of a sheet pan full of homemade cookies.

Thanks for following my progress on this project!

If you’re just joining this party – welcome! – there are details about Patch La Belle and links to past posts about Patch located here.

I’ll see you again next Monday. Till then…

10 thoughts on “Patch La Belle part 5

  1. Congratulations on another successful project! I just love “These poems and paintings exist for the sole reason that they might make you smile.” I found your thought process for the printed book really interesting. (I’m enjoying learning more about visual communication.)

    1. Thank you!! I’m glad to hear my description of my thinking process was interesting! I do sometimes wonder if I tell too much or not enough about process. 😊

  2. This is so wonderful, Sue, words and illustrations! I am so happy to have learned about Storyberries through you and will have a rhyming story appear on that site sometime soon. I’m sure I will write a blog post about it when the time comes!

    1. That’s great news that you’ll have a story on Storyberries soon too!! What fun!! I will definitely love to hear from you when your story is live – whether via your blog or a direct message!! Congratulations!! I’m glad you were able to learn about Storyberries via my work with them – and kudos to you for taking creative action and submitting a story of your own!!
      Oh, and thank you too for your kind words about my newest project!

        1. How fun your poem is Becky!! Love it that it’s a look at “different” hair…and that it ends kindly! Good job!!! And I’m very glad to have shared this opportunity with you and that you made such good use of it!! I look forward to what you do next! πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ€—πŸ₯°

Thank you for reading and sharing encouragements!