pie in the sky

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Been thinking of how people can focus too much on things that are unlikely to happen and forget to see what really is possible – such as enjoying the here-and-now moments. I’ve also thought of related quotes and phrases: “Life is not a dress rehearsal” and “Take tarts when tarts are passed” and “If not now, when?”.  These thoughts baked in my brain pan a while and out came this painting I’ve titled “Pie In The Sky”


Pie In The Sky – by Clancy – 8 x 10 inches – ink and gouache on board

7 thoughts on “pie in the sky

  1. So fun to play with old expressions. How fantastic it would be to see a slice of pie fly by – especially if it was strawberry rhubarb.

    1. Lol!!! Strawberry rhubarb… never had that. Do you make it yourself? Yes it is fun to play with old expressions! Do you do that too?? And thanks for your comment.

      1. What? Never had strawberry rhubarb pie? Another Canadian thing, perhaps. I don’t make it but my mother used to. Divine stuff. And yes, I like playing with aphorisms and turning them inside out. Stretches the old brain bone.

        1. Stretching brain bones is my favorite exercise… besides walking. 😉 All the best…

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