Pinker sketch

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Last Wednesday I went to hear Steven Pinker speak about his book “The Sense of Style” at Powell’s books in Portland Oregon. and this is the sketch I did in my sketchbook while Mr. Pinker talked.  The quotes are what I think I heard him say. (Errors are mine, all mine.)  There was a digital slide show – so some of the quotes are from what I saw on the screen as it flashed by in a nanosecond.

Twice I’ve checked out “The Sense of Style” from my local library. Now I own a signed copy! Wahooo!  I’ve found it a good resource for my artist-writer-creative-type efforts.  You can get or see more about the book here:

Here’s Steven Pinker’s website:

Pinker’s Twitter feed is fun too:

Thank you for reading and sharing encouragements!