Pocket Full on new paper

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I was given some art paper during the holiday. So I wrote a poem, illustrated it and folded it into an artist book. It’s titled “Pocket Full” and is a limited edition of 2 unique books.

“Pocket Full” poem and art by Clancy

Btw: Edition 1 already has been sent to a collector. Contact me privately if you’re interested in Edition 2.

5 thoughts on “Pocket Full on new paper

    1. Love your pun!!! 😁 And the paper was surprisingly nice to work with. Typically I prefer smoother papers for ink work so at first I worried that the new paper wouldn’t work well with ink… but the ink glides on smoothly and doesn’t feather! I’ve no idea what kind of paper it is…was a mystery gift!! Very definitely handmade paper – deckle edges and the telltale texture..some handmade papers are a marvel for ink and water media, others not so. Anyway, this paper folded well, as handmade papers tend to fold better than machine-made, so I’m quite eager to make books with this paper!!!

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