Drawing Demo’s by Clancy

Hedgehog in Shade – for this pencil drawing 8B, HB pencils and a blender stick were used. The pencils and blender stick are from a portable drawing set made by Nil-tech. Some of my favorite sketching gear is available (I get a small but appreciated royalty) via this link http://shop.nil-tech.com/?ref=DmLN4hDZ

A fine art print of this artwork is available on Clancy’s shop on Society 6 here: https://society6.com/product/hedgehog-in-shade7281858_print?sku=s6-24823546p4a1v45

Coffee Pup drawing demo by Clancy

Coffee Pup – for this 9 step drawing demo Clancy using the NIL-TECH watercolor pencil sketching set. The idea for this art was inspired by the feeling of enjoying the first sip of good coffee.
More information about the art supplies seen in this video here – http://shop.nil-tech.com/?ref=DmLN4hDZ Below are short 1 to 2 minute videos for each of the 9 steps.

Step 1- showing the NIL-TECH set I used, how I get my ideas.

Step 2 – using watercolor pencils to make basic shape outlines

Step 3 – using watercolor pencils to mass in color areas

Step 4 – using watercolor brush pen to smooth mass color shapes

Step 5 – sharpen watercolor pencils to layer more color on the dog and define shape of coffee cup

Step 6 – use watercolor pencils to layer more color

Step 7 – use watercolor pencils and watercolor brush pen for steam and more color shaping and blending

Step 8 – sharpen and use non-watercolor pencils for dog details

Step 9 – use color sticks for final highlights and blending. Finished “Coffee Pup”!

Coffee Pup by Clancy

The demo outline for Coffee Pup:

On the Bike Again … a step by step watercolor pencil, ink and gouache sketchbook page https://sueclancy.substack.com/p/on-the-bike-again

Thank you for reading and sharing encouragements!