Time Tavern by Sue Clancy



 For this 24 page mostly wordless picture-book sketchbook I created a series of dog characters and explored multiple ways humans use time; cooking food, mixing drinks, making music, eating, drinking, listening to music. I included recipes within this book so a reader could play with time themselves. I also played with how we celebrate time; birthdays, applause, paying a pub bill. As I created my wordless story I thought of several maxims:  “Happiness happens while you’re doing something enjoyable with your time”. “Make time for anything that makes you glad to be alive.” “Live one day at a time and be kind.” I also thought about how the heart of a community is its social vitality.  The activities and the places where people can go to enjoy good company and conversation – the arts (musical, culinary, visual etc.) are a key stimulus of that. Exploring the connections between all of these concepts within a mostly wordless sequential picture book format was a fun artistic challenge! The original sketchbook is in the Brooklyn Art Library public collection. www.brooklynartlibrary.com

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