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handmade books


After any completed fine art or illustration collage project I have lots of handmade-one-of-a-kind papers leftover. Since I made the paper – spent several days creating it for specific works of fine art/illustration – I don’t want to throw the special-to-me art paper away or put it in a recycle bin. So for a number of years now me (and my wife Judy) have solved the problem of what-to-do-with-too-much-paper by creating little “cigarette pack” size books out of the above mentioned scrap paper and selling them via a project called Art O Mat !  We’ve recently been getting another batch of books ready to ship to the folks at Art O Mat and I’ve almost got the studio cleaned up and ready for the next fine art/illustration project! What fun! Oh, btw many of my own sketchbooks (sample pages seen on this blog) have been hand sewn similarly to what you see in the picture. (You can also see more about this project on under the books menu.)