Sock monkey fine art

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I’ve been working on a new painting and finished it last night, titling it “A History Of The Sock Monkey”. Here’s an image of it.

“A History Of The Sock Monkey” by Clancy – 7 x 5 inches – ink, gouache and color pencil on 8 ply board.

As I worked on this painting I thought about – and during a work break posted on my Instagram story – a quote by Joseph Campbell that I’d paraphrased in my sketchbook as “We cannot cure the world of sadness but we can choose to live in joy.”

For me part of choosing to live in joy is remembering to enjoy small comforts: hot coffee or tea, breakfast, a good book, a cuddly pet, a warm bathrobe…

I’m enjoying depicting in fine art people and pets being cozy and comfortable. That’s part of living well as discussed in my artist book “Dr Bob’s Emotional Repair Program First Aid Kit”.

Yes, I think on this “living well” topic a lot….

P. S. In one of the photos connected to this post you can see my easel and my prepatory sketch for the painting.

6 thoughts on “Sock monkey fine art

  1. I have LONG loved sock monkeys. One of my favorite companions as a small child was a sock monkey who eventually lost his tail because I used to swing him down from my top bunk to pester my younger brother on his bottom bunk… I also love Joseph Campbell. Thank you for sharing your BEAUTIFUL art work as well as a few accompanying thoughts.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment!! Delighted to hear from another sock monkey lover!! Mine lost its tail because I’dclimb my grandmother’s pear tree and use Mr Sock to grab branches to pull ripe pears into plucking reach! Lol!! And yes, Joseph Campbell often finds his way into my work. Today it was Voltaire…see my story on my Instagram page.. 😁 Thank you for looking at my artwork and reading my thoughts…and for sharing yours too!!

    1. Thank you Audrey for noticing all the details! I’ve been trying out the writers technique of telling a story by describing a character and their backstory obliquely- about what they, drink, eat, wear, their furnishings etc.

Thank you for reading and sharing encouragements!