specially commissioned portrait

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Most of my artwork is me telling visual stories inspired by data from my real-life. A kind of “creative nonfiction”. When I do art commissions the client provides the life-data and I tell their story. A kind of “biography”. Elements from a persons real-life are woven into the portrait of their dog or cat. I love helping people tell their stories!

Like this commission I recently finished… pictured below… the coffee cup is special to the owner, the tee-shirt logo is important… and of course the dog looks like their very special dog, Potter.

I had such fun drawing this dog – (those ears!!!) – and working with the client who commissioned this portrait. They gave me such good data to work with!


“Potter” by Clancy (ink and gouache on handmade paper)

If you’re curious about some of my other commission work you can see them here.

4 thoughts on “specially commissioned portrait

  1. The dog’s face has real appeal and charm. I like the way you weave things of importance to the humans into your pet portraits.

    PS Just as well I follow you on your blog as well as on Instagram as I cannot get the latter to work today.

    1. Thanks for your kind comment! And I’m glad you follow both my blog and my Instagram… I just knew there was a reason I’m on multiple platforms! 😉

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