stems pits and all

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Rainier cherries are still available for sale here in the Pacific Northwest. They’re everywhere. Yesterday I saw a father and his young son eating cherries from a bag. The father was coaching the son on how to carefully chew the cherry, extract the pit and spit it into a cup.

Watching that reminded me that we have to be taught how to deal with the adversities in life, how to focus on and enjoy the good things, how to pull off the unwanted stems, to watch out for the pits and learn to cope with them – but to remember the enjoyment.

Here’s a painting I just finished titled “Life’s A Bowl Of Cherries, Stems, Pits And All”


“Life’s a bowl of cherries, stems pits and all” – by Clancy – 8 x 10 inches – acrylic and gouache on board


2 thoughts on “stems pits and all

  1. Fabulous still life. I like the way the blue and purple makes the warmth of the cherries more vibrant. I had never heard of this type of cherry before I read your previous post. I spotted some in the store the other day and bought them, though they were very pricey. We gobbled them all down in one sitting.

    1. Lol! Glad you were able to get some cherries to try! Addicting aren’t they?! Thanks for your comment about the colors. That was exactly what I was trying to do: contrast the cool blue/purples with the warm yellow/reds of the cherries. The blue was also my way of edging toward turquoise. Which I’m trying in another piece that I’ll post here soon. đŸ˜‰ Thanks again for all of your comments!

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