Sue’s sketching setup

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When I’m creating a new body of artwork for upcoming fine art exhibits (as I am currently) I’m sketching constantly as it “feeds” my developing artwork. My full sketching kit as shown in the photo fits in an 8.5 x 11 bag or smaller. What you’re seeing in the pic is a small watercolor set, small water cup, a mechanical pencil, a pencil eraser, two ink pens, one bound sketchbook, one pad of paper and two clips for holding a book or pad open. Sometimes, maybe even most times, I run around with just one pen and my bound sketchbook.

Sue Clancy's portable sketching-on-the-go gear

Sue Clancy’s portable sketching-on-the-go gear

At the bottom of my website if you click on the ” + ” a drop down menu shows up and if you scroll down you’ll see my Goodreads list of recommended books – several are about sketching.

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