the art of delivery and 4 delivery tricks


I’ve been getting all of the artwork packed up for delivery to Burnt Bridge Cellars for a one-person art exhibit  there.  Some of my artwork is also coming from one of my nearby galleries.  So what you see in the photo is just what art is coming from my studio.  And the artwork in the photo is in stages of being gathered and wrapped in prep for putting it in the car for delivery.


4 things I’ve learned about delivering artwork by car to a nearby destination:

  1. Place artwork in the car face to face with a piece of brown paper or bubble-wrap between the artworks.  Ideally each artwork will be wrapped in either the packing paper or the bubble wrap.
  2. Clean towels or blankets are good art wrapping in a pinch.  They are also good for making sure the artwork is well padded/protected (particularly at the corners or edges) during transport.
  3. Nest the artworks together in the car with the largest on bottom/back, descending in size to the smallest on top/front. Wrap/pad with towels and blankets in case of load shift while driving.
  4. Drive slowly and carefully – particularly on turns. Let other people pass you. Smile.

2 thoughts on “the art of delivery and 4 delivery tricks

  1. As someone who used to organise an annual community art exhibition, I concur with each of your packing recommendations. What I always found most stressful, however, was the thought that I might damage someone else’s art work (I was less concerned about my own) just by hitting a pot hole or something like that. I was always so relieved to unpack my car and find nothing broken or scratched.

    1. I totally agree Laura – the relief at arriving and finding nothing broken or scratched is profound! I’m off to have supper and relax with a stiff drink – Lol! Thank you so much for your comment!!

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