the art of protest

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Interrupting my blog today to say that I’m proud of people all over the world!!! Posting one of my own art pieces in solidarity with the #WomensMarch and #womensrightsarehumanrights  – and loving seeing the many artistic responses by women and men everywhere – artists like Shepard Fairey – Keep it up!!!


Beauty by Sue Clancy (ink on handmade paper) 

4 thoughts on “the art of protest

  1. I wish I had the option to love rather than simply like a post. Yesterday I was so low that I wept several times. Frustration, rage, anxiety all bubbled up in me and I had no room for hope. Today’s marches, their scale and scope, finally pierced the grief and worry with some hope. We need to harness this energy and unleash it on anyone who dares think that “great” requires rolling back progress. I’m feeling like your little pooch in a pant suit right now and I’m remembering I have teeth and a nippy bite.

    1. Thank you Laura – I know what you mean about feeling low… I did too for a bit then remembered all the artists throughout history who did an essay, a poem, a book, a painting, a song… and it made a difference. Not from the point of view of the artist – often they never knew that their work had impact – but their work did influence other people, and ultimately history. Many artists – each adding their small nippy barks – together create mighty roars in favor of human rights (and take many bites out of Fear’s ankles). The book “Cultural Amnesia” by Clive James is full of examples. So please Laura hang onto hope and an energy harness! As a fellow artist friend says “Everyone good is necessary.” And heck yes you have teeth!!!

Thank you for reading and sharing encouragements!