Time Tavern traveling

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I’ve finished my sketchbook for the Brooklyn Art Library’s Sketchbook Project, packed it up and put it into the postal slot. But before I did that I created an ebook version of the book – and a video.  I was going to post more photos of work-in-progress and such – but I’ve gotten very busy so… you can download-to-own an ebook version here. And below is the video…


9 thoughts on “Time Tavern traveling

  1. I loved having this opportunity to look through your sketchbook from beginning to end. It’s fantastic! I love how it combines so many of your subjects, passions, and interests. At some point, I will take a trip to the Brooklyn Art Library and see it for myself.

    I had a squeaky bum moment when I posted my sketchbook off. I sent it tracked and it got stuck in Philadelphia and did not move for days. I have been through this before and it meant the pieces of mail were lost for all time. I was so stressed and upset at the thought of my sketchbook being lost. Then thankfully it suddenly moved again and finally made it to its destination. I was SO relieved!

    1. Oh I hear you! I too had a “squeaky bum” moment when I turned loose of my sketchbook to let go of it in the post office. I had to remind myself that in all my 25 plus years of shipping artwork here and there only one time has anything gotten “lost” and never found. Even so – the day artwork is shipped off requires a good glass of wine. 😉

    2. I’m glad you liked getting to see my book. Thanks for your thoughtful comment too! Will your book be digitized? Will I be able to see your book that way? Or did you post about it on your site and I just missed it?

      1. Yes, I stumped up the wee bit extra for it to be digitized. I wasn’t going to (thrifty me) but my kids encouraged me to do it so friends back in Britain could check it out online. I posted about each image on my other blog (pictink.wordpress.com) and on Instagram. It was actually the sketchbook project that finally promoted me to join Instagram.

        1. So glad your kids encouraged you to do it!! Will your book be under your name – or what did you title your book? OH! So I have been seeing some of your sketchbook pages on your other blog… I just didn’t realize it! Good work!!! What fun! I’m on Instagram too… @artistclancy – I’ll look for you there…

          1. It’s under my actual, proper name, yes. I titled it ‘Fascinating Fictional Females’ in the end.

            I’ll find you on Instagram. I don’t post as much there as I do on the blog but I’m liking the platform more than I thought I would.

            1. Thanks! I look forward to seeing your book! I love your alliterative title! I don’t post as often on Instagram either – and I’m liking it too, I like the “short and simple” aspect of it. And I’m finding that sometimes I use it to “fill in” more details of what I’m doing than what I’ve posted on my blog. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

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