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I worked today on some British Shorthair cats. I picked this breed because I enjoy British comedy. Silly reason I know. Anyway drawing this breed of cat was a challenge. When is a British Shorthair not a Tabby? The shape of the head, ears…. so many nuances are different. I had to pay close attention to fine details of the breed – I did research – so I kept my overall-artwork composition similar and simple. I used Sumi Ink to do this practice with.  Not sure I’ve ‘got it’ yet on drawing British Shorthairs so I’ll try again another day. Still as far as general-cat-art goes I’m pleased with my work. Now I’ll go make some dinner and see if I can talk my Sweetie into watching another British comedy with me.


2 thoughts on “today in British Shorthair cats

  1. I’m awfully ignorant about cat varieties and didn’t know there was such a beast as a British Shorthair.

    What British comedy have you watched, Sue? Husband and I are looking for something new to watch on Netflix.

    1. I’m awfully ignorant about cat varieties too Susanne! Hence my recent study and practice. 😉 The most recent British Comedy we watched was “A Fine Romance”. It’s an old series with a very young Judi Dench. It’s sweetly funny/light hearted. Just the thing to watch with your sweetie while having a cup of soup or hot tea. 😉

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