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In my studies of cats recently I’ve learned that cats are often employed on winery and beer brewery premises – especially here in the Pacific Northwest.  There are also several local bookstores and music instrument shops that have cat “staff” members too. So in support of working cats today here are two portraits I’ve just finished that are drying on my table (a Siamese and a Tabby).


I think I’ll call the piano player “Scarlatti” after Domenico Scarlatti, the Italian composer of  “The Cat’s Fugue” (google it!).  I’ll call my better-mousetrap-builder “Handy”.

4 thoughts on “today in working cats

    1. Lol!! Hope you found the Italian composer Domenico Scarlatti’s music “The Cat’s Fugue” and could hear it! According to what I’ve read the music was inspired by the composers cat walking on the keys. So I tried to draw my cat in the artwork as thinking of a composition – delighted to hear it worked! Lol! Thanks!

      1. I was glad to hear it and be exposed to something new. I’d never heard of Scarlatti. I hadn’t listened to harpsichord music for quite some time either so it was nice to listen to something different.

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