Wanderlust Book Arts Exhibit Opening

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This coming weekend is the opening for “Wanderlust” a book arts exhibit at the 23 Sandy Gallery!  I am lucky enough to have a unique artist book in this exhibit that has a lot of impressive book artist’s work in it! Here is a link to the online exhibit http://23sandy.com/works/product-category/current/wanderlust in case you can’t make it to Portland Oregon this weekend. You can also get more information about the exhibit and a copy of the exhibit catalog here: http://23sandy.com/works/wanderlust  (I just love the paradoxical pun of being able to buy a limited edition book about an exhibit of artist books!)

Here is a past blog post about my book “Coffee Please?” which is in this exhibit:  https://sueclancy.com/2016/04/29/coffee-delivered/

And here is a card from the 23 Sandy Gallery about the exhibit:

card about the artist book exhibit "Wanderlust" at the 23 Sandy Gallery

card about the artist book exhibit “Wanderlust” at the 23 Sandy Gallery


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