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Sue Clancy is playing with the interconnectedness of life; the ways imaginative stories flow out into the readers world. And vice versa of course. Art can stir life. And life can stir art. For example, each of these pieces contain ingredients from her experiences, the “actions” she’s seen as she’s lived life, put into the cocktail shaker of her imagination.

And yes, if you recognize aspects of a person, a pet, a place or a thing and wonder if…. The answer is probably “yes”! (It’s sort of like the “Easter Eggs” that can be found in some movies.)

For her visual stories Clancy defines “story” as a description of how things are and which things matter.

ue Clancy’s artist statement – General Artist Statement by Clancy

Sue Clancy’s full vitae – ClancyVitae-2020

Clancy’s short form (2 page) vitae – ClancyVitae2020shortform

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For artwork by Sue Clancy that is available for sale please contact: Caplan Art Designs www.caplanartdesigns or Joseph Gierek Fine Art

For more information about Sue Clancy’s cut handmade paper technique here is a downloadable pdf file: AboutPreyingForPeas

A YouTube video of Sue Clancy making a pattern design on paper: Star Stencil Paper –

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