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Artist books for children that were written and illustrated by Clancy for are here (clicking on the text will take you to the free ebook on Storyberries) more details and other books are on the portfolio page:

Patchwork Poems by Clancy

Alphapets by Clancy

Alphapets Too by Clancy

The Crow and the Water Jug by Clancy

Numpurrs by Clancy

Patch La Belle by Clancy

All of the children’s books written and illustrated by Clancy are available in the bookshop on Storyberries

Clancy’s published artist books and fine art prints and downloadable eBooks are available on a “shop” page here:

An ongoing gallery representation for Clancy’s unique artist books is the 23 Sandy Gallery

This page lists many of Clancy’s artist book titles. An “artist book” is a book conceived as an art object. It reveals a story over time and space using a combination of content and art technique in a way that directly involves the viewers participation. Artist books are the ultimate mixed media: combining various artistic methods such as drawing, painting, creative writing, collage, digital media, layout, design, gluing, binding and of course storytelling.

Most of Sue’s artist books are themselves unique works of art – as you’ll see on this page – occasionally she uses other book formats such as the ebook still using an ‘artist book’ concept but experimentally using print and ebook publishing formats. – for example the graphic novel/chapbook “Dr. Bob’s Emotional Repair Program First Aid Kit” or artist monographs such as the eBook “Coffee, Table, Book“.

Btw: The “Dr. Bob’s Emotional Repair Program First Aid Kit” (links below) is the meta-data behind all of Sue’s artwork. It explains in a round-about way why she does the kind of art she does. Here’s a photo of a box full of the new print edition.

This new paperback print version of “Dr. Bob’s Emotional Repair Program First Aid Kit” is now available worldwide. Direct link for the printed book here. Here is the eBook link

Patch La Belle by Sue Clancy

Patchwork Poems

The “Coffee Table Book” is a collection of sketchbook pages (including recipes for dinner) showing Sue’s thinking behind a current body of artwork. Here’s the link:

Please note that “Coffee Table Book” is best viewed on a smart phone or tablet with the portrait orientation lock setting on.

“Alphapets by Clancy” is both a printed book and ebook (preview this book by clicking the cover image or these words)

Readings From The Heart – an exhibit catalog (magazine style visual story of Clancy’s thinking and creative process)


“Another Sketchbook by Clancy” is both a printed book and an ebook available (can also preview it) here:

Favorites So Far – a kitchen sketchbook

(Printed and ebook versions available)


The Crow and the Water Jug – print and ebook versions available here:

“Dogs by Sue Clancy”

In an artist book featuring various dog breeds titled “Dogs by Sue Clancy” Sue whimsically combines man’s best friend and many of life’s pleasant experiences by drawing them using a dip pen, a brush and Sumi ink on handmade paper.

Available now via Amazon and other book-sellers and here:

“Cats by Sue Clancy”

A 22 page full color printed collection of Clancy’s cat themed fine art that reflects the concept of enjoying life much like a cat would is available via Blurb books and also available via Amazon.

Unique Artist Books

side A of

side A of “Coffee Please?” by Sue Clancy – a unique handmade artist book

Most of Sue’s artist books are one-of-a-kind art objects themselves – aka book arts or artist books – like the book above titled “Coffee Please?” – these kinds books are accessible via art galleries and book arts exhibits.

Many of Sue’s artist books are housed in various library or museum special collections (see Sue’s vitae on the About page). For more general information about these kinds of books visit the 23 Sandy Gallery or the Abecedarian Gallery

Besides the link above you can also see video’s of several of Sue’s one-of-a-kind artist books on this Youtube channel:

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