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It’s my birthday so you get a present! Because you’re a regular reader of my posts, here is a free downloadable e-book copy of my “Running Around Loose” sketchbook. It’s a pdf file, click RunningLooseVanEd1byClancy to download the book for free (it’s a birthday gift!). I’ll include a few sample pages in this post so you’ll have some clues as to what you’ll get when you open the file. Enjoy! And thanks again for looking at my stuff!

Now please pass the strawberries and whipped cream.





pages from “Running Around Loose in Vancouver WA” by Clancy

Oh yes – you can find more of my artist books here:  and here:

7 thoughts on “birthday book

  1. Your sketches show a sharp eye for detail. I like this idea of “running around” w/out a cell phone. Those darn things are so distracting that they make us blind to what’s going on around us. A writer could practice this, too. I love it!

    1. Lol!!! Thanks Susanne – and yes it’s fun to “run around loose” whether as an artist or a writer! My wife is often running loose with me – and she’s a writer. She particularly enjoys “overhearing” snippets of conversations in passing and recording/playing with them in her notebook along the lines of finishing the dialogue/imagining the context of the conversation snippet she heard. It’s lots of fun! Hope you enjoy the technique too if you try it. Full disclosure: the cell phone is often with us in case of emergency: it is just turned off, left in the bag and not turned on until we are finished “running loose”. While we’re “loose” we don’t use the GPS or google locations – random/happenstance is part of the game! 😉

      1. I also eavesdrop on conversations in coffee shops and restaurants and those snippets turn up in stories or act as prompts. The first story I ever had published had a main character created from a pastiche of physical traits I noted at a coffee shop and conversation overheard in a restaurant. I really like the idea of spending a whole day doing this kind of close observation. My husband and I had a “date” day back in March and went to a local neighbourhood we wanted to explore and did exactly as you did. Random is fun!

        1. I’ve enjoyed reading your work Susanne! I appreciate your attention to details – and the feelings of being human that you so skillfully catch. May you and your husband have many more fun random dates!

    2. Oh – and not having a time keeping device on our persons is also part of the game. We may come across a clock but we try to not be “time bound” – i.e. we do our best to imitate that childhood no-concept-of-time sense.

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