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Sue Clancy takes abstract concepts, ideas and stories and interprets them visually. Which is a fancy way of saying that she makes art to cheer people up.  Sue enjoys creating humorous art for “serious” places.  Much of her artwork is placed in public organizations and institutions such as universities, children’s hospitals, pediatrician’s offices, libraries, museums, schools, child advocacy centers, law offices and mental health centers.

She purposefully designed many of these projects to tell the story of the organizations (their mission) and to include some physical attributes (wall colors, furniture, landscape, people, animals) of the organization where her artwork is placed.

More information and a list of some of the institutions with artwork by Sue Clancy in their public spaces is on the about page. Here are images of a few from some of Sue’s public art projects.

Here is a pdf file describing how Sue Clancy creates a special commission public art project: About the creation of The NW Surrogacy Center Public Art Project

Sue Clancy’s –  General Artist Statement

Sue Clancy’s vitae – ClancyVitae-2018

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