finessing feline fiddler

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I’ve been very busy lately and mostly off-line because I’ve been creating a portrait of a Russian Blue cat. You can see my preliminary drawing beside the painting. My idea for this piece came from watching my fellow Pacific North-westerners braving the rain and cold in order to perform – or to attend a performance – of music.


5 thoughts on “finessing feline fiddler

    1. Thank you so much Laura! As you know I’ve been studying gouache lately and I think my study has helped me to do better acrylic paintings too. So glad to know you liked this piece!

    1. Thanks Susanne! I’ve been studying colors lately too – bought a new-to-me book about color theory that was written in the 1930’s by a Japanese artist. It’s taught me a new color trick or two. 😉 In the past I’ve been owned by a part Russian Blue part Manx cat – now no longer living – but she was a playful bundle of love. I hope you get to meet a Russian Blue someday – they’re special!

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