art delivered installed and here is a sneak peek.

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Here’s a sneak preview of my exhibit at Burnt Bridge Cellars¬†that I’ve titled “Dogs in the Winery”! We’d just finished installing it. The “we” being me, Kim and Judy. (Kim and Judy are seen on the video talking and waiting for me to quit filming. ūüėČ

This coming Friday evening¬†my exhibit opens and people will come,¬†the wine will be poured, the food will be¬†served, I’ll sign copies of my book “Dogs by Sue Clancy”…¬†and we’ll all relax and¬†enjoy ourselves!   

paws for coffee and art

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Here’s another new artwork for my upcoming exhibit at Burnt Bridge Cellars¬† – it’s titled

Paws For Coffee by Clancy – 16 x 12 x 2 inches – hand dyed paper, found paper and acrylic on cradled board.

Here’s what inspired it: I can sometimes get so busy that I forget to take time to be present in the moment, to pause and smell the coffee. This is me ‚Äď remembering.

The diamond motif¬†is because I was¬†thinking of the maze-like¬†labyrinth quality that a busy¬†life sometimes has.¬† I chose a dachshund character¬†for that breeds¬†digging ability, chosen¬†as an inspiration¬†for me to “dig out” from the (a)maze-ing world what’s really important to me.

Paws For Coffee by Clancy

Paws for Coffee By Clancy 16 x12 x 2 inches Hand dyed paper, found paper and acrylic on cradled board

Labrador dog art in the winery

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As you know from other posts I’m getting ready for a one-person fine art exhibit to open June 2nd at Burnt Bridge Cellars¬† For this art exhibit I’ve been meditating, you might say, on how important it is to¬†practice enjoying¬†ordinary life. When I have a glass of wine I’m reminded to breathe, taste and savor everything – not just the wine.¬† I chose a Labrador dog as my “character” actor in my art (pictured) because a Labrador’s restrained-alert-excitement reflects how I feel while tasting some wines.

Here’s one of my artworks for the show:


Lad by Clancy – 30 x 22 inches – sumi ink on handmade paper

On my website page¬† you can find a link to¬†a sketchbook titled “Glad to Be Alive Sketchbook – drinks and music edition¬†2017”¬†¬†where you can¬†download, for free,¬†my sketches¬†that inspired this work.

You can also see some greeting cards with this image – and others – here

mind map of a Clancy art exhibit

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I’ve been busy getting ready for my one-person art exhibit to open June 2nd at Burnt Bridge Cellars – a winery in Vancouver WA.¬† Part of doing an exhibit is to write an exhibit statement.¬†But before posting my finished exhibit statement I wanted to share my thoughts behind my art exhibit design.¬† Here’s a sketch diagram, a mind-map:


For the last year I’ve been running-around-loose in the Vancouver WA and Portland OR area documenting, in my sketchbook,¬†my experiences at local music events, restaurants, wineries, cafes and pubs.¬† You can see a free eBook of my sketchbook titled “Glad¬†To Be Alive – drinks and music edition 2017”¬†here:

Then I processed through my imagination all of that data I’d collected in my sketchbook and for each pleasant thought I¬†imagined a dog character-actor and¬†made a¬†new sketch/visual story, an¬†ink study, using a sumi brush and ink. You can see a printed book, titled “Dogs by Sue Clancy” with¬†of some of these ink sketches via Amazon or here:

After doing a whole bunch of these dog portrait studies, almost 100 of them, I selected several and refined them, adding color and pattern and shape thoughts to my visual story describing metaphorically my experiences in real life.  These refinements have become finished fine art pieces that are in color using my mixed media cut handmade paper technique.  Both some of the finished color artworks and some of the black and white ink pieces (framed) will be at my upcoming exhibit.

My artistic inspirations are elements of¬†ordinary life – so I’ve extended my art-exhibit making to the above mentioned books. Books¬†are an important element of ordinary life so having authored two of¬†them and making them available adds another layer to my art¬†exhibit.

After doing some of the fine artworks I’ve also done some “illustrated things”: I’ve applied some of my artistic thinking¬†for my exhibit¬†to¬†real-life¬†clocks, napkins, tea towels, scarves and many other ordinary consumer¬†items.¬† This extends my art exhibit thesis¬†to yet another layer or dimension.¬†¬† You can see some of the items I’ve designed on my web page titled “illustrated things” here:

To put¬†my exhibit thesis¬†plainly¬†– I think it is very important to remember to enjoy and actively participate in¬†the present¬†moment, to relish ordinary things, places and friendly people.¬† Once upon a time I lived in a place where quality¬†music events, good restaurants, wineries and pubs were rare. Certainly they¬†didn’t exist¬†in the variety and abundance that they do here¬†in the Pacific Northwest. So I’m¬†aware of what a gift, a treasure, it is to have those things now.

It is also fitting to have my exhibit at a winery Рwhere the people who come to see my artwork can also enjoy award-winning wines and food.

But¬†back to my¬†mind-map:¬†generally¬†at the¬†exhibit my thesis will be available only¬†as a visual story, not spoken or written in literal fashion.¬† I have a reluctance to preach or otherwise belabor a point.¬†¬†Besides instead of writing/speaking didactically¬†I’d rather draw.

Now you know.


what happened with the dog art on fabric

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I’ve been inspired by many local coffee shops – as well as the local dogs – and I’ve been¬†making notes in my sketchbooks and¬†creating fine art in prep for my upcoming art exhibit opening June 2nd at Burnt Bridge Cellars (Free downloadable¬†eBook sketchbook full of my inspirations available¬†via this link

As part of my¬†upcoming exhibit I’ve¬†also created some dog-art-as… napkins and tea-towels. It fits with the dogs and drinks theme…

Here is a photo of the cloth dinner napkins Рavailable via this link only


The tea-towel looks like this (photo below) and is available via this link only:

A photo of a fabric swatch with this pattern is on my blog here:

coffee dog art on fabric

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You knew, I’m sure, that it was only a matter of time until I¬†tried putting¬†my dog drawings onto fabric… and you were correct!¬† Look what came in the mail just now – a fabric¬†test swatch for my approval.¬† (I approve!!) Tea-towels and napkins here we come…

Here’s the swatch as it came out of the mail-envelope… the rulers are to show scale:


what about chip monk beer art

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Five years ago I’d done an original¬†artwork, inspired by beers¬†here in the Pacific Northwest, titled “Chip Monk”.¬† Well, the original sold about 10 minutes after¬†it was hung on the gallery wall. Fast forward 5 years and I’m still getting comments about and¬†requests for that particular image. Some¬†even asked me multiple times¬†“Will you please¬†make a print of the Chip Monk?”

So, because I love my fans,¬†I’ve done an art print of it now, titled “Chip Monk Beer”,¬†via Society 6¬†–¬†– and I also¬†applied the art image on a few other items. Enjoy! And thanks everyone for your support of my artwork!!


what the sheet music became

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In my last post I told a bit about using sheet music in my fine art Рyou can see more about that and a photo of work-in-progress here:

While I worked I thought of the¬†music and musicians that I’m honored to know personally –¬†those I get to hear in small places, like cafe’s and homes – where I get to be surrounded by their music, love and friendship…

And here is what the work-in-progress, many more layers of paper and all those thoughts has become:


I’ve titled it “Surround Sound” – it’s 8 x 10 inches – made with hand dyed papers, handmade paste paper and “found papers” (the sheet music my musician friend gave me).

Now it has to dry before I can varnish it and get it ready for exhibit.


sheet music in fine art

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I’ve been creating¬†fine art¬†towards a one-woman exhibit in June at Burnt Bridge Cellars, a winery in Vancouver WA.¬† I’ve also been going to music events and cafe’s when I can. These kinds of events have been inspiring lots of the artwork I’ll have at the exhibit.¬† You can see some of¬†my sketch-work towards my exhibit in my book: “Dogs by Sue Clancy”

Also a musician friend gave me some old sheet music. I’ve been using it in my mixed media cut paper collages along with my hand-dyed papers – and I intend to do so with this piece too…

Here’s what’s on my work table:


art of songbirds on blooms

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Early one morning I was standing outside waiting on Rusty, my dachshund, to “do his¬†business” and saw several song birds singing¬†in my blooming Camilla bush. I doodled an idea¬†in my sketchbook using a ball-point pen. (Yes, I keep a pen and¬†sketchbook in the pocket of¬†my bathrobe)¬†By the time¬†Rusty had finished up “business” I’d¬†finished my sketchbook work. A few days later I began¬†creating a¬†finished surface design inspired by those song birds. Here is my artwork in progress:


To create this design I’m using my cut paper mixed media collage technique – the same one that I use to create my fine art.

Then after several more days of “short burst” work on my design I declared it “finished” and submitted it to¬†VIDA¬†for addition to¬†my signature collection:

Here are the two newest “signature collection” apparel pieces with my “Songbirds On Blooms” design:

And of course I’ve a few more plans for this design but more about that later.