Figures Of Speech

For a one-person fine art exhibit titled “Figures Of Speech” via the Caplan Art Designs Gallery at the winery Burnt Bridge Cellars Sue Clancy has written “I like to read books and possibly because I was a deaf child I have a fascination with language and figures of speech. So I enjoy creating animal characters and visually playing with words, phrases and meanings while keeping an eye towards love and laughter because we need hope, humor and kindness.
I work by hand using ink, gouache, color pencil and acrylic.”

A printed artist book album of Figures Of Speech by Sue Clancy is here:

Clancy shared her sketchbook pages that led to this exhibit via her email newsletter here.

Below is a portolio of the Figures Of Speech artwork by Sue Clancy. Click the image to see the full artwork. Please scroll down to see videos about Clancy’s process.

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