How To Draw A Dragon

How do you draw a grumpy dragon? This coloring book story poem written and illustrated by the artist sue clancy shows you how.

This whimsical poem is also about how creativity works, how our creative child selves and our analytical adult selves can work together.

This coloring book poem is available for purchase in printed and bound form, 36 pages sized 8.5 x 11, with a preview here:

How To Draw A Dragon is featured in a video on Kidz Stories and More as a color-along activity! See the video here and print book pages from the link below.

To print this coloring book or portions from it on your home printer, simply download the free printable pdf file from here or from the black button down below (that says “download“).

Storyberries has an ebook and an audiobook version of How to Draw A Dragon available for free here:

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