How The Cow Went Over The Moon and Tiny Notes To The Sun

A cow goes around the moon in a self-produced bubble of gas and somehow comes back to Earth in this wordless fable.

Also, a farsighted bird forgets the morning sun song and in this wordless poem finds a way to read sheet music and welcome the day.

It could be said that this book fits in to the educational literary genre of “mirrors for princes” with its sage advice to not take bubbles of gas very seriously along with its suggestion to learn to sing, or at least read sheet music and pretend to sing outdoors now and then.

There aren’t many words in this book. It’s mostly artwork. So, who knows if this is advice literature after all, it’s probably just meant to be funny.

The printed book is 7 x 7 inches with 28 full color mostly wordless pages. A few sample pages are photographed below. Full book previewing and purchasing available here

The above printed book was created from these original hand made concertina format artist books. How The Cow Went Over The Moon is 4 x 6 x .75 inches when folded closed and inserted in the 4.25 x 6.25 x 1 inch handmade slipcase. When the book is opened and unfolded it is 4 inches wide and 4 feet long. The wordless poem Tiny Notes To The Sun is also a concertina book that is 2.25 inches square when closed and can open out to 20 inches long. Here’s a look at the original artist books. Please note that in the printed book version (above) there are additional photos of these original handmade artist books.

Here’s a photo of Sue Clancy creating the illustrations for How The Cow Went Over The Moon

Sue Clancy painting illustrations using gouache and ink.

Below is a photo of Sue Clancy holding the two handmade artist books along with the printed version she made from the original artist books so you can see how purposfully similar they are. The printed book is the large square book (in Clancy’s right hand) that is printed at the time it is ordered and then shipped.

Sue Clancy holding two handmade artist books that comprise “How The Cow Went Over The Moon and Tiny Notes To The Sun” as well as the printed art print version she made from the original handmade artist books.

This book is distributed worldwide on as two separate ebooks: and

Sue Clancy talks about her creative process for these two artist books.

Blog posts on that include information and pictures about the creative process behind this book:

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  1. So lucky to know you Sue and from that to understand what cows in bubbles and birds with faulty memories can really accomplish

Thank you for reading and sharing encouragements!