short experimental art books

Juggling Numbers” – created by Sue Clancy. In this video Clancy is showing the original handmade artist book that plays with the flow of numbers and counting forward and backwards from 1 to 25. You can see the free ebook version here on and just like “A Scoop Of Letter Soup” the experimental part of this ebook is Clancy playing with the way digital ebooks move up and down.
Clancy shows the original handmade book

A Scoop Of Letter Soup” – created by Sue Clancy
In the video Clancy is showing “A Scoop Of Letter Soup” a handmade artist book that plays in a visual way with the rhythm of poetry and the flow of soup. Clancy made a digital ebook version of this artist book for the experimental art category of – a free ebook site for children. The “experimental” part of this original artist book is that Clancy is playing with the way digital ebooks on Storyberries flow up and down. You can see the Stoyberries ebook version of “A Scoop Of Letter Soup” via this link and below.

A Scoop Of Letter Soup by Sue Clancy –

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