Dr Bob’s Emotional Repair Program First Aid Kit

We all feel bad from time to time but how do we deal with these feelings? Do the ways we cope with emotional issues hurt us further or do they help us? Perhaps we need a new story. Over the years Dr. Bob Hoke, a psychiatrist, has created a series of therapeutic discussions devoted to “Emotional Repair”. Dr. Bob, in his “Emotional Repair Program” uses fictional stories to help us learn to repair our own emotions and deal with the non-fictional world. During animated conversation Dr. Bob shared his stories and their therapeutic context within the “Emotional Repair Program” with Sue Clancy, an artist, who wrote notes and illustrated the stories as Dr. Bob talked. Sue, with Dr. Bob’s encouragement, collected her notes and cartoon/graphic novel style illustrations into this book. Dr. Bob’s Emotional Repair Program is based on the following assumptions: -People DO have the resources and strengths to resolve their complaints and create emotional growth. -Emotional repair does NOT require long-term therapy. -Practical results can be achieved in a short time. This First Aid Kit focuses on the immediately needed skills to quickly repair emotions and develop the inner resources to resolve emotional problems. The First Aid Kit is a series of fictional stories – and non-fiction cognitive behavior practices – which come with a strong warning: Keep this First Aid Kit to yourself! Resist the impulse to teach the practices in this book to anyone else! You live these practices first – let other people learn from your example! As the master said “Don’t try to teach a pig to sing, it wastes your time and irritates the pig.”

This 56 page paperback book is illustrated with graphic novel style cartoons. It is available for purchase (15 dollars) from the following links:

Vintage Bookshop https://vintage-books.net/item/9sqOzQSJ43oNNE-eksMS2w

Bookbaby https://store.bookbaby.com/book/Dr-Bobs-Emotional-Repair-Program-First-Aid-Kit1


Clancy reads one of her illustrations aloud.

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