Odditerrarium is a fine art series of pet portraits, an artist book and a nonsense poem created by Sue Clancy

About the fine art series Clancy says:

“I began Odditerrarium, a new whimsical household surrealism series, because I wonder what may be on our dogs’ or cats’ minds. Would their mental lives reflect people, objects and plants they see every day?  A terrarium is a small ecosystem in a glass enclosure usually holding exotic plants. I expand that to include household objects that I imagine pets might think about, in probably odd ways, as they live within our lives. The cloche or terrarium becomes a food bowl with a glass dome in my ink and gouache paintings and the pet wears this like a hat so it becomes a thought bubble we can read. Humans, similarly, live in enclosed environments made of stories. So I enjoy thinking of our interior lives and what I imagine might be the interior lives of our pets.”

The artist book “Odditerrarium: an art album and nonsense poem” is available as a 20 page, 8.5 x 11 size printed book here https://www.blurb.com/b/11149506-odditerrarium

Here’s a look at the printed artist book “Odditerrarium: a fine art album and nonsense” (this 20 page gift book is available here https://www.blurb.com/b/11149506-odditerrarium )

Here’s a look at the Odditerrarium art exhibit in Burnt Bridge Cellars. Sales of fine art facilitated by Caplan Art Designs.

Here’s the Odditerrarium exhibit after it relocated to the Caplan Art Designs Gallery

Amy Caplan and Steve Roberge during the opening

Clancy talks about the Odditerrarium art exhibit and book.

Clancy talks about the paintings

Clancy shows the story puzzle game aspect of the Odditerrarium book.

Here’s an ebook version of Odditerrarium on Storyberries.com https://www.storyberries.com/short-stories-for-kids-odditerrarium-by-sue-clancy-art-books-for-kids/


Clancy’s sketchbook page where Odditerrarium began.

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